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Payment methods

Payment Methods 

You can choose from the following payment methods: 

• By Bank Transfer
• By Paypal

• By Satispay
• By Credit Card 

Remember to read carefully the Terms and Conditions. 

By Bank Transfer 

Once you have selected this payment method, you will be automatically redirect to a new page which contains the information related to your order and our bank details.
To complete the payment, you need to go to the bank or access to your online bank account and make the bank transfer. Remember to enter the order number as the reference number for the payment. Please note: The goods will not be sent until we receive confirmation the transfer is approved by our bank. 

By Paypal 

If you already have a Paypal account, after sending the order you will be redirect to the Paypal Checkout where you just need to login to proceed. If you do not have a Paypal account yet, you can still purchase the order with Paypal by checking in as a guest and entering your credit card details. All the information related to your credit card or other payment methods is retained by Paypal and not shared with us. Sometimes, our Customer Service may contact you to request additional information to determine the actual ownership of the Paypal account.
In any case of cancellation of the order, the amount related to purchase will be simultaneously credited back to your Paypal account of to the card used to make the original purchase, via Paypal. For further information, we recommend to visit 

By Satispay 

If you selected this method payment, you will be automatically redirected to a new page. To proceed to the payment, enter your telephone number and open the APP to confirm the purchase. Alternatively, you can proceed to pay by simply using the QR code reader of the APP and send the amount to the QR code address provided. Fur further details, we recommend you to watch the video at the following link Please note: This payment method is only available in Italy. 

By Credit Card 

This payment method is entirely managed by Stripe. Stripe is a first-level certified PCI (Payment Card Industry) service provider, the highest security certification in payments.
Your personal payment data is never shared with us, it is all handled independently by Stripe. For this reason, the interface you will find is developed by Stripe and perfectly integrated into our website design. 

To proceed with the payment, you must fill-in the form with your credit card details as instructed. Remember: The goods will not be sent until we receive the funds into our account.